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Article 7/7 of Ladder Safety Guidelines Ladder Standards

EN131 is the current ladder standard for portable steps and ladders.

While BS2037 and BS1129 have been withdrawn, ladders originally made to these standards prior to their withdrawal may still be used (subject to following user instructions and guidance on safe use).

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Ladder Safety Guidelines Ladder Standards

What is EN131?

EN131 is a European Union Certification for portable steps and ladders, manufactured from metal and certain other materials such as GRP.

Any ladder that is to the EN131 standard has been manufactured and tested to ensure maximum safety in use.

However, EN131 does not cover all ladder types. For example, warehouse steps, loft ladders (EN14975) or step stools (EN14183) have their own classification.

Has EN131 changed?

Not so long ago there were three classes of ladder. Class 1, EN131 and Domestic. Class 1 and EN131 have joined together and is referred to as EN131 Professional. This class is suitable for both trade and industrial purposes.

The domestic side of EN131 is now referred to as EN131 Non-professional.

If using for business or trade purchase EN131 Professional, and for Domestic and DIY EN131 Non-professional may be adequate.

All Shopfront Group operatives required to use ladders or step ladders are issued with EN131 Professional grade ladders.

Safe Use of Ladders and Stepladders –

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ladder safety guidelines ladder standards

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