COSHH Regulations 2002

COSHH regulations 2002

What are the COSHH regulations 2002, and how do you take control? The COSHH regulations 2002 cover substances that are hazardous to the health of workers or anybody who might come into contact with the activities of the company. Substances can take many forms and include:- Chemicals, Products containing chemicals, … Read More

Microwave Leakage Testing – Is It Required In The Workplace?

microwave leakage testing

Microwave leakage testing, is it required in the workplace and should you keep microwave leakage testing on your maintenance agenda? There’s no reason not to… Update 2021 Inspect and Maintain As with all equipment used in the workplace, the employer has a duty to inspect and maintain to ensure the … Read More

Pat Testing Legal Requirement and Legislation

pat testing legal requirement and legislation

Pat testing legal requirements A lot of confusion surrounds the current PAT testing legal requirement and legislation. Here’s What You Need to Know The law states that you must maintain all electrical equipment if it has the potential to cause danger. However, it does not stipulate how this must be … Read More

Health Effects of Noise. Ill Health.

health effects of noise. ill health

Health effects of noise. Ill health. Moving on from the previous article on Health Effects of Noise, it would probably be helpful to discuss the effects of stress and anxiety as well as physical Ill Health caused by noise in the workplace. There are 3-distinct section to the human ear … Read More

What Are The Health Effects Of Noise and What Can be Done?

health effects of noise

The Health Effects of Noise have been well documented for many years with the emphasis being on the physical aspects of hearing damage. However, in recent years the psychological effects of noise have also been recognised and are now part of the ever expanding area of occupational health which covers … Read More