Howard Leight Impact Pro Hearing Protection.


Howard Leight Impact Pro Hearing ProtectionHoward Leight Impact Pro 1018953 Hearing Protection.

This sound amplification earmuff is suitable and very effective in environments where there may be sudden loud noises.

This makes this Howard Leight Impact Pro suitable for shooting ranges, military applications, government use, demolition, construction and all types of hunting and shooting sports.

In particular it is designed for handgun and pistol shooters looking for a high Noise Attenuation Rating. Perfect for indoor range or any other extremely loud shooting environment.

So what is sound amplification, and how does it benefit the wearer?

Honeywell Impact Pro by Howard Leight keeps wearers protected from hazardous noise but still connected to their environment.

The Howard Leight Impact Pro employs built-in directional microphones that amplify range commands and other ambient sounds to a safe 82dB, providing more natural listening and enhancing communication.

The Impact Pro amplifies surrounding sounds such as voices, machines and warning signals to safe levels, yet it provides good hearing protection.

Loud impulse sounds are effectively blocked out and limited to safe levels.

The unique stereo microphones allow detection of the direction of ambient sounds, enhancing communication abilities and awareness of surroundings.

This earmuff is also provided with an electrical audio jack input for direct connection with MP3 players, smart phones and radio scanners.

The key features of the Impact Pro hearing protection Are:

  • Voice amplification for communication on the range or other sudden high noise areas.
  • Automatic 4 hour shut-off to increase the battery life.
  • Connects to MP3 players, smart phones, and scanner radios.
  • External battery compartment so you’re not fiddling around trying to take the ear muffs apart.
  • Rubberized pressure points. This will prevent gun-stock scratching
  • One single power and volume control knob so the user isn’t trying to remember what controls what when wearing.
  • Aggressive tactical styling. looks great out in the field.
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries and 3.5 audio input connection cord.
  • SNR 33dB


The Impact Pro 1018953 not only looks and feels great but it’s really comfortable for wearing over a long duration thanks to it weighing only 371g and really soft ear pads that once clicked into place to suit the user, then stay in position naturally and comfortably.

Our reports back from users of this hearing protection state that once fitted correctly they are not constantly pushing the muffs back into place, or having to lift them off the ear to re-position.

Designed and built to really high standards, the Impact pro meets and exceeds the following EU health and safety directives.

  • European Directives – 89/686/EEC
  • EC Category PPE – Category II
  • Standards – EN 352-1:2002, EN 352-4:2001, EN 352-8:2008, ISO 4869-1:1990, ISO 4869-2:1994, ISO 4869-3:2007
  • Laboratory – PZT GmbH, An der Junkerei 48 F D-26389 Wilhelmshaven Germany, Notified Body Number: 1974

Fitting the Howard Leight Impact Pro For Maximum User Comfort and Protection.

Correct fitting is a simple process:

  1. Pull out the earcups. 
  2. Place earcups over both ears. 
  3. Adjust the headband by sliding the ear cups up or down while holding the headband in place.
  4. Firm Seal – Do seal the cushions firmly against the head.
  5. Avoid Obstructions – Do not allow hair or other items to obstruct the ear or the earmuff’s secure fit in any way.
  6. Cover Ear Completely – The ear-cups should never fit crooked or askew over the ear.


Caring for Your Howard Leight Ear Protection for Maximum Life.

Maintaining your hearing protection is also a simple process but will keep them hygienic and long-lasting.

  • INSPECT – Regularly examine earcups and ear cushions for cracks and leaks—discard if earcups are visibly damaged or compromised. Replace ear cushions if damaged.
  • CLEAN – Wash earcups and ear cushions regularly with mild soap and water. They may not be dipped into water. Do not treat with any other substances, as the ear cushions may degrade and compromise use.
  • REPLACE – As ear cushions and foam inserts can degrade over time, replace these every 6-8 months under normal wear, or every 3-4 months with heavy use or in humid/extreme climates.


In Conclusion.

The Howard Leight Impact Pro ear defenders from Honeywell are a serious piece of PPE when it comes to defending your hearing against sudden loud and potentially penetrating noises.

Do they do a better job of protecting your hearing than other types of cheaper ear defender?

There are plenty of ear defenders on the market, and to be fair, a lot of them do a decent job at muffling or deadening the sound. However, unfortunately that is all they do, completely deaden sound. The result being that the user feels disconnected from his surroundings, not being able to hear conversation, approaching vehicles or dangers for example.

With the built in sound amplification system, the wearer feels as though they are in a normal surrounding as the noises we want to hear, such as conversation or dangers are amplified by the built in microphones to a safe level of under 82db, while at the same time dangerous or sudden noises are blocked and dampened down again to a safe level.

In addition, the comfort of the Impact Pro is far superior meaning that you can wear the defenders for long periods of time without getting pain, discomfort or excessive perspiring of the outer ear and lobes.

All things considered, we feel at Health & Safety Today that the small extra price you would pay to own a pair of Impact Pro defenders is well worth the money to fully protect your hearing against loud impact noises, have the comfort of being able to wear them for long periods of time, and be able to carry out a normal conversation while wearing them, plus be totally aware of your environment. Something many other manufacturers of hearing defenders can’t offer.

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