Ladder Safety Guidelines Where Ladders Should be Used

Article 4 /7 of Ladder Safety Guidelines where ladders should be used. There are many application where it is totally safe and acceptable to use ladders and stepladders. The HSE recommends use of ladders and stepladders under certain conditions. Under any other circumstances a different form of access should be considered.

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When considering ladder safety guidelines.

Only consider the use of ladders under the following conditions:

  • On firm ground.
  • On level ground – refer to the manufacturer’s pictograms on the side of the ladder. Use proprietary levelling devices, not ad-hoc packing such as bricks, blocks, timbers etc.
  • On clean, solid surfaces (paving slabs, floors etc). These need to be clean (no oil, moss or leaf litter) and free of loose material (sand, packaging materials etc) so the feet can grip. Shiny floor surfaces can be slippery even without contamination.
  • Where it will not be struck by vehicles (protect the area using suitable barriers or cones).
  • Where it will not be pushed over by other hazards such as doors or windows, ie secure the doors (not fire exits) and windows where possible.
  • Where the general public are prevented from using it, walking underneath it or being at risk because they are too near (use barriers, cones or, as a last resort, a person standing guard at the base).
  • Where it has been secured.

Under any other circumstances, and where the work involves working from the ladder continuously for more than 30 minutes at a time, consider other methods of working at height access.

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